Tech Support

Friendly Tech Support

Expert assistance is always available. MiGuy’s technical support services are packaged for simplicity, varying in terms of response times. We are that reliable, dependent tech support partner you always wanted and we like to empower you with the most up to date tech information.

Our Tech Support Services

Our experience, ethics and commitment to building lasting relationships mean we take every opportunity to improve your dealership efficiency and reduced costs. We pride ourselves on delivering an independent and trusted service to dealerships, so if you’re looking for help with your IT, get in touch with us today.

Repair Website issues

If anything on your website is broken and not working the way it should, our team will fix it for you the RIGHT WAY and FAST. Our team are ready and waiting to get your website issue fixed.

Enhance site performance

Faster sites will rank higher! Nobody likes to wait for a website page to load before they can enjoy your content. Visitors want pages to load fast! We will identify and repair all the speed issues you are having on your site.

Cleaning Malware

Our team will run a detailed scan of all your website files to isolate any infected files. This scan will also discover any malicious files that should not be on your site. All infected files will be removed from the site and shared with you.

Fixing email issues

Our email delivery service and proven strategies help your emails avoid blacklists and spam folders, improving their ability to land safely in your customer’s inbox.

Move emails to new hosting

We transfer all your emails to new hosting in guaranteed the most-wanted availability with the utmost security and privacy.

Are You Ready To Take Your Dealership to the Next Level?

You can bank on fast, reliable and expert services that take the burden off your shoulders. Our team vows to bring you up-to-the-minute information about the various trends in the industry and help your dealership benefit from them.