Dealer Websites

Why Choose MiGuy Digital?

With over 33 years of automotive experience, MiGuy understands your objectives that need to be achieved for every department. MiGuy Digital’s specialist team of web designers and developers are always on hand to make sure that your dealership has a unique, attractive, easy to navigate site that you can be proud of and your customers will love. MiGuy Digital delivers high-quality automotive websites, from standard designs to bespoke options tailored to your business. MiGuy also understands the importance of SEO, Social, Google and simply bringing you fast, informative & easy to use solutions. Select a company that excels at your business and theirs.

Website Features

Our team of highly skilled developers is constantly innovating, ensuring that our platform and your website are always being improved. This enables your dealership to be continually evolving as the online world and the automotive industry around you changes. They’re all designed to drive you more inquiries and enable you to communicate better with your customers.


We gladly create custom landing pages, special offers, banners, and images for your site so customers choose your dealership over the competition.


We keep your website current with all of your advertising and manufacturer offers. We can even build custom sites and pages, videos, digital coupons, banners, and more.


Contact your personal support representative whenever you have a question or request and we’ll take care of the rest.


We perform active quality assurance on your website to ensure accurate data and that every page is working perfectly.


Integrate third-party products into your website. Such as:

  • 3rd party chat
  • inventory search tools
  • trade valuations

and much more…

Yes, you can request changes on the go!

You can request more functionality to add on your website as we have lots of add-ons to enhance your website further!