Dealer Events

We believe in bringing people together who share the passion – through unique dealership events. By engaging an audience through behavioural targeting utilizing your social media channels.

Dealer Events Features

Our team will demonstrate the ability to generate awareness, widen your company’s potential reach within your target markets, and contribute to driving more website and social traffic, which will ultimately result in growth.


Social Media

Ignite your audience into action!
Team MiGuy maximizes your exposure with up to 10 daily posts to your desired audience and region.

Google My Business

Our team explodes your exposure to Google. We hit every device and region with your excellent campaign.


Direct your client to conventionally choose their vehicle, promotion, salesperson, appointment & more!


Your hyper-focused sales page!
Each & every ad is linked to your custom landing page which informs and motivates shoppers to take action.


When you hire MiGuy (a past car guy) your costs are transparent and much less as you would expect.

  • cost effective yet quality and reliable print solutions
  • complete custom designed invitations
  • select from invitations or letters
  • personalize each piece to talk to your customer
  • provide a web link + code for inline offers
  • integrate A-Z services with your customer database
  • Fast & Simple. We handle all aspects of your invitation


Generate Stronger Leads! with a diversified approach.

  • Provide unbelievable time offers.
  • Direct to multiple points to generate that appointment.
  • Generate new appointments from calls, emails, forms & social.


Create Personal Offers!

  • Select Target Clients
  • Cycle & Record
  • Personalization Options


Use it anytime, anywhere!

  • Target Your Offers
  • Incite Behaviours
  • Upgrade Your Culture


Address your client by name and express passionate interest in them and the unique offer you are excited to offer.

  • Match your offers to speak accurately to their current ownership.
  • When your advertise digitally you can run multiple, concurrent, cost effective events.
  • Personalize your offers when your offers speak in specifies and present exciting time limited oppurtunities, customers act.


Big Offers For The Public!

  • Creative offers for the public
  • Brand + Event Based
  • Excite to take special action

Grow your business

Grow, protect, and create client success: it’s more than just our mission. It’s our promise to you.
Our event ideas help you generate continuous foot traffic to your dealership.