Capture Leads

Lead ads for auto

Lead generating forms gives people a streamlined way to sign up to receive news and information such as offers and quotes.
Lead ads send people to a form experience that may be pre-populated with their relevant contact information, such as their email address.
It’s easy for them to confirm what information they want to share with you—and lets you quickly follow up with leads.

Meet the features that make lead ads work for auto

Lead ads can enhance customer acquisition campaigns by making it easier for target audiences to submit their information to you. With lead ads, native forms are pre-filled with contact information that customers have publicly shared on social media.

Appointment preferences

People can communicate with service centers and dealers to indicate their preferred time frames for appointments and test drives.

“Thank you” screens

Customize your “thank you” screen—the page that appears after someone has submitted their information to a lead ad—to convey a clear message and improve customer acquisition.

Personalized creative

Tailor your ad creative to help increase form submission rates. We know that good ad creative can drive performance, but the perfect ad for each audience isn’t always obvious. Advertisers often create multiple ad variations to find the best combination of images, videos and copy—a time-consuming and costly process.

Click to call or message

Make it easy for people to call or message dealers after submitting their information. This feature helps people to connect immediately with their preferred dealership when they’re deep in buying or discovery mode.


A fullscreen experience

Create immersive, visually appealing experiences to engage with potential customers before capturing their information. By providing more context up front, auto businesses can drive more qualified leads.

Gather information without friction

Make it easy for potential car buyers to sign up for information. Many auto brands have successfully grown their businesses using lead ads. lead ad forms help make it quick and easy to collect qualified leads.