Advertise with Google, with the Help of MiGuy

Studies suggest that Google controls about two-thirds, or 66.6 percent, of the worldwide search engine market. In other words, a lot of different people are relying on Google to navigate the Internet every day—including many of your company’s potential customers. Furthermore, studies also suggest that the page occupying the top spot in any given Google search result gets about twice as many clicks as the page occupying the second spot. In other words, your business not only needs to advertise with Google, but it also needs to strive towards a high ranking on the search engine, and that’s where MiGuy comes in.

Here at MiGuy, we consider ourselves a results-driven company. So if you want to see quick results for your Google advertising campaign, contact us today and let us put something together for your business.

At MiGuy, we bring the personal touch of a local business to your endeavours with Google advertising. We can discuss your business and put together an effective campaign for advertising it on Google. Furthermore, if you have any questions about Google AdWords, SEO, the importance of a mobile optimised website or any other web-related topics, our experts will be more than happy to provide the answers.

Google does make their marketing tools relatively intuitive, but if you have never managed a search engine marketing campaign before, then advertising on Google could easily turn into a frustrating process of trial and error. Worse, since Google is such a major global corporation, there will be no one there to help you out or answer your questions if you run into a problem.